Tyler Perry called Queen Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex a ‘PRINCESS’ while wishing her happy birthday and royalist lost it completely.

Everytime anyone says anything good about Prince Harry,The Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex,may it be on social media or interview, the British royal family fans take it as a sign that, that person want to end the Monarchy. Indeed! this is true, you say anything good about Harry and Meghan, especially Meghan and royalist interpret that as you declaring war on Monarchy.

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex at UN Headquarters 2021 and 2022 respectively

Typing #QueenMeghan or #PrincessMeghan on Twitter will summon a royalist. The royalist will come pulling out chunks of it’s hair and demanding to speak to the titles manager. They will make up Negative stories about Meghan and Harry out of thin air, convince themselves their made up stories are true because everything Negative about Harry and Meghan is true and anything positive about Meghan and Harry is false according to their world. They have convinced themselves that anybody who writes anything good or say anything good about Harry and Meghan is being paid by them. Then they go bonkers when reality does not conform to their lies. It’s alarming how British royal family fans believe the delusions they frequently swap among themselves. Given their masters are self proclaimed mental health advocate, shouldn’t this alarm the masters that their devotees are in dire need of mental health intervention?

Harry and Meghan in New York City

As you know or may have heard as it’s widely known unless you live in mass, Billionaire Tyler Perry was one of many that we know was able to house a Prince of United Kingdom with his family. Not only that, he provided the security that his family could not. Shocking right? I kid you not, a Black man was able to do what a reigning Queen who is considered the most ‘Powerful’ and ‘influential’ woman alive could not do by providing security and housing to her grandson. The head of the church of England missed the leave and cleave of the Bible. Let leave out the granny, let look at the father. Prince Charles pulled out Security for his own son, a terrorist target, leaked his location to the media and gave Tyler Perry a chance to be the Hero of Sussexe’s story. Prince Harry’s family, in order to punish him for choosing a black woman over them and to pander to the British Media put him in precarious and dangerous situation thus becoming the Villains. The matter should be studied as a major in university in my opinion.

August 4 was Princess Meghan (if I may call her by her rightfully tittle and with hope that the royalist won’t call the tittle manager on me) birthday. To celebrate her birthday, friend, hero family and godfather in a way, Actor,Film_maker, studio owner, philanthropist and Billionaire Tyler Perry took to Social media to congratulate our Queen,The Enternal Monarch, Princess Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex on her 41’st birthday . The message was simple, no insidious dig at anyone as it is with other royal birthdays, just about princess Meghan only. But the society of offended on behalf of Royal family since 2018, could not let this message slide. Oh! He wished her happy birthday and had the audacity to call her Princess Meghan. Take a look at the message below!

The way they raged and are still raging about his tweet, I would be surprised if some might not have ended up in the ER with massive stroke caused by extreme high blood pressure. We Let’s them keep it up.I like when they spend months concocting a conspiracy theory and then reality hits, reminding them it was all in vain.
Unfortunately, they’ll just move to the next conspiracy- no lessons learnt.

But one may wonder what the anger is all about. Was it that as one of Harry and Meghan’s avid supporter put it, it’s because Tyler confirmed that she and her husband and the kids are happy? Their harassment and effort to make Harry and Meghan life miserable has gone to waste?

British Media use every opportunity to sling mud at Harry and Meghan, especially Meghan but Everytime she shows up, she dazzles. In what must feel like a ‘pressure cooker’ for her, Meghan shows up with more ease than some of royal family members who the media regularly uplifts. Poise, elegance and grace personified,is the definition of Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex.

The Duchess of Sussex in June at St Paul for Jubilee thanksgiving service looking poised as ever

May #QueenMeghan, The Enternal Monarch continue to reign over us !It’s not that hard to understand #princessmeghan is here to reign forever even if royalist Karen’s and Kevin pull out chunks of their hair demanding to speak to the titles manager.

The Monarchy “gifts” titles to themselves. I am yet to see any precedent to title “stripping” in the case of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The media isn’t citing any rule or quoting any law but again inciting their audience in a childish “how dare they” chant won’t work.

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Unsurprising to see the same people who had a problem when Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex married into the Royal Family are the same people gnashing their teeth about her using her title now that she has left it. Under the guise of “caring for the Queen and Monarchy”. Bullshits!.

The Monarchy “gifts” titles to themselves. I am yet to see any precedent to title “stripping” in the case of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The media isn’t citing any rule or quoting any law but again inciting their audience in a childish “how dare they” chant won’t work.

Instead it exposes the fact that they don’t even know their own rules or laws. Strip Prince Harry his tittle and they would need to strip other royals too. No one is holding a microscope to the full activities of “working”, “junior”, “senior”, “retired”, “suspended” royals- nor will they.

This isn’t something the palace is going to touch. Why was there a summit prior to their exit? Why are people acting surprised? Did the palace not agree on their financial independence? Are we naive to think that they did not anticipate how these titles would be used?

The only thing they probably did not anticipate is how much audience the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would get. Because they have a strong audience and the more the British media moan and groan, the more that audience will grow.

If they are not satisfied with how their Monarch operates then they need to review the use of ALL titles by ALL royals, not just Prince Harry’s. If they aren’t doing that then they should just shut up and eat their food in peace.

Their small mind convinced them that Harry and Meghan would fail outside the Royal Family, hence the 1 year probationary period which proved to be unnecessary. They took what they could and left what they could not take- the Dukedom wasn’t up for discussion.

I think they underestimated prince Harry’s popularity; either that, or his commitment to his marriage. I don’t see why there is a discussion about titles now. The deal is done and cannot be undone. It’s like shedding tears over a divorce settlement they drafted ourselves.

Credit / https://twitter.com/IfeomaDr?s=09https://twitter.com/IfeomaDr?s=09

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