How does betting work???

How does betting work???

I want all of us to educate ourselves on better and the best betting platform.

I also need your opinions guys so this are mine:

I always feel like this companies really work hard on messing games. Especially football. Like betika my experience is , it’s not an automated companies in terms of wins. They check where most money has been placed and soo they sponsor the matches and also the results 😂😂😂

Long time ago people used to win a lot but this companies got clever.

In their jackpots you’ll not miss a local match that has been sponsored by them… Meaning they can plan on the results to make most people loose.

Another trick they use are the odds… They put obvious odds to help you predict which team will win but at the end it will loose then they balance with two or three to win or draw so that it can mess even the little chance you have for even a bonus…

Those big winner please enlighten us on how to smartly do it…

I’ll be back with summarised ways of better betting from you guys…

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